Tour of Tuscany


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Tour of Tuscany

  • Dream of iconic golden hills and smooth red wines.
  • A portal into a world-renowned wine region.
  • Travel through time to a land with Roman roots.
  • 6 bottles
  • 6 bottles
  • $255 (RRP $287)

Luxuriate in the golden sunsets and rolling hills of Tuscany.

Daydream of long, lazy days spent basking under the Tuscan sun with this wine journey across the homeland of Chianti.

Picture it: you’re strapped into the passenger seat of a vintage, cherry-red Alfa Romeo convertible, the warm Italian breeze ruffling your hair as you zip across the countryside, travelling from one famed Tuscan winery to the next.

Okay, so you might not be able to jet off to Italy just yet — but our Tour of Tuscany is the next best thing. Drink in the sights, sounds, and tastes of the region that inspired a thousand stories with overnights at renowned names and detours into exciting new territory.



  • Tuscany is home to the Chianti region, a renowned wine hotspot whose fame is on par with the likes of Bordeaux.
  • Tuscany’s famous undulating hills create different microclimates, giving the wines from each sub-region highly distinctive characteristics.
  • Tuscany is positively steeped in legend and history — Chianti’s trademark grape, Sangiovese, literally translates to ‘blood of Jove’ — with swaths of it having been inhabited since the Old Stone Age.



  • Immerse yourself in the legend that is Tuscany, with expertly curated wines from the world-famous Chianti region and thrilling peeks into secret regional gems.
  • A look at the vino that put Tuscany on the map (and keeps it there), featuring trailblazers of Italy’s ‘Wine Renaissance’.
  • Six restaurant-quality Tuscan wines delivered in custom gift box experience.

Under the glow of the sun that birthed Chianti. Here’s where we’re going:


Frescobaldi Tenuta Perano Chianti Classico 2018

The Frescobaldi history is a rich tapestry of the Renaissance, interwoven with threads belonging to names like Dante, Donatello, and Brunelleschi — adding layers of allure to the pedigree of one of the world’s oldest winemaking families, who’ve been staples in Tuscany since the year 1000.
In the centuries since, the Frescobaldis have cemented their status as innovators and gatekeepers of the glory of Tuscany, devoting themselves to sustainably crafted expressions of this world-famous region’s kaleidoscopic diversity. This diversity sits at the core of the Frescobaldi mission and is exemplified in its network of properties dotted across the Tuscan heartland, from the vibrant cultural mecca of Florence to the gentle, olive grove-studded hills of Chianti.

1 1 - 6 HIGHLIGHTS Frescobaldi Tenuta Perano Chianti Classico 2018

Candialle Chianti Classico La Misse 2019

If Chianti had a Grand Cru region, the Conca d’Oro would absolutely hold that title. Literally translated to ‘Golden Shell’, the Conca d’Oro encircles the ancient village of Panzano in Chianti, which was once contested by the powerhouses of Florence and Siena. Owned by Josephin Cramer and Jarkko Peränen, Candialle farms just 11.5 hectares — a miniscule amount for the region — within their sustainable ‘agroecosystem’, but what they lack in size, they more than make up for in mouthwatering, memorable quality. La Misse, which showcases the vibrant cherry brightness and refreshing juiciness typical of trademark Chianti, is one of two Chianti Classicos that Candialle produces.

2 2 - 6 HIGHLIGHTS Candialle Chianti Classico La Misse 2018

Fattoria Collazzi Chianti Classico I Bastioni 2019

A half-hour from the bustling cultural hub of Florence, we cross into Chianti’s picturesque Impruneta. World-famous for its terracotta, Impruneta houses a rare jewel in the form of the Collazzi estate, designed by none other than Michelangelo back in 1560. Today it’s the Marchi family who tend to the 400 hectares of manicured landscape, dotted with towering pines and lined with sun-warmed stone terraces. Twenty-five of these are devoted to the vineyards that produce the fruit for Collazzi’s legendary wines, and a further 120 nourish lush groves of olive trees. Beekeeping and honey production also thrive on Collazzi land, where siblings Carlo, Grazia, and Bona craft old-vine, sustainable Tuscan gems in the renovated winery.

3 3 - 6 HIGHLIGHTS Fattoria Collazzi Chianti Classico I Bastioni 2019

Castellare di Castellina Chianti Classico 2020

The ‘Renaissance of Italian wine’ supposedly took place in the 1970s, which is why so many of our Tuscan stops find their current roots in that decade. Castellare di Castellina, nestled amongst the hillsides of southern Tuscany, is no exception, having been founded in the ‘70s by publisher Paolo Panerai. Only indigenous varieties stake their claim on Castellare’s hallowed ground — and we literally mean hallowed.
The medieval church of San Niccolò stands sentinel on the vineyard, and Castellare’s wines are aged in the cellars beneath it. As for the bird on the label? It’s a call to Paolo’s sustainability commitment, which saw him establish a nature reserve on the property where rare birds fly free.

4 4 - 6 HIGHLIGHTS Castellare di Castellina Chianti Classico 2019

Querciabella Mongrana 2019

‘Honour the land, and it gives you greatness.’ So reads one of the tenets of Querciabella, the barrier-shattering winery that sprawls across Maremma, the almost painfully picturesque region along Tuscany’s Etruscan coast.
In the ‘80s, Sebastiano Castiglioni set the estate on the sustainability course for which it became renowned — converting it to organic viticulture ahead of nearly all Italian wineries and adopting a plant-based, ‘cruelty-free’ philosophy shortly thereafter. Querciabella translates to ‘beautiful oak’, but as its history — and this regionally unique blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot — attests, it might just as well stand for ‘innovation’.

5 5 - 6 HIGHLIGHTS Querciabella Mongrana 2019

Bissoni Girapoggio Sangiovese di Romagna 2019

And now we step just outside Tuscany into Romagna, a truly ancient region that’s been inhabited since the Paleolithic era. Here, we visit the organic producer Bissoni Girapoggio, founded by Raffaella Bissoni in 1988. According to legend, Roman Emperor Theodosius’s daughter Galla Placidia once visited the area and proclaimed that the local white grape variety Albana should be ‘drunk in gold’, a phrase immortalised in the name ‘Bertinoro’ — the medieval town against whose hillside Bissoni rests. In a nod to this history, Raffaella grows only Albana and Sangiovese, which finds spicy, savoury expression in this welcome regional detour.

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Tour of Tuscany


Explore the legend that is Tuscany with six exceptional bottles of the world-famous Chianti and thrilling peeks into secret regional gems.

You'll discover only the finest wines from passionate, talented producers, showcasing different regional facets through the lens of well-known icons, the wine road less traveled, and the occasional delightful detour to help you expand your Italian wine horizons.

  • For lovers of smooth, savory reds.
  • Explore local secrets in your glass.
  • Exclusive wines, usually reserved for restaurants.
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Hi, I'm James - winemaker and Journey Curator
Hi, I'm James - winemaker and Journey Curator

Few regions in Italy have had a more profound impact on me than Tuscany, thanks to its rich history and culture, unparalleled hospitality and cuisine, romantic scenery, and truly world-class wines crafted mostly from the Sangiovese grape."

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