The Sicilian Escape


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The Sicilian Escape

  • 6 bottles
  • 6 bottles
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Explore the rich and diverse tastes of the heart of the Mediterranean.

Step inside the sunny embrace of Sicily — food and wine lover’s paradise, thriving cultural hub, crossroads of ancient civilisations, and the largest island in the Mediterranean.

One of Europe's best-kept secrets, Sicilian wines have long been used to enhance the body and colour of blends from the Italian mainland. Thanks to innovations in viticulture and winemaking, the world is now discovering the generosity and diversity of Sicilian wines in their own right.

Along with the island’s bountiful produce — canary-yellow lemons, succulent fish, plump olives — Sicily's wine captures the very essence of the region, showcasing its remarkably varied landscape and the passion of its producers.



  • A vibrant mecca for food and wine lovers, Sicily’s history and culture have been shaped by the influence of the Greeks, Phoenicians, and Arabs.
  • Sicilian winemakers have been producing wine since 4000 B.C., making the sun-soaked isle one of Earth’s oldest wine-producing regions.
  • Sicily’s varied landscape ranges from snow-capped mountains and sunny coastline to active volcanoes and gentle green hills — yielding a rich diversity of wine styles and helping make the island one of the world’s most dynamic and exciting wine regions.



  • Six bottles of thoughtfully curated Sicilian wine that will take you on a bountiful Journey of some of the island’s most exciting producers. Total value over $262.
  • A window into Sicily’s most exciting wine styles, as seen through the lens of the island’s innovative and iconic producers.
  • An odyssey across the Sicilian landscape, embracing exuberant textured mineral whites, energetic bright reds, and bold yet elegant modern icons.

Welcome to the heart of the Mediterranean. Let’s explore the richness, diversity, and warmth of Sicily.


Colomba Bianca Resilience Perricone 2020

It’s difficult to quantify the importance of Colomba Bianca, not only to the sun-drenched seaside Trapani province but to the entirety of Sicily. The isle’s largest cooperative, Colomba Bianca numbers 2,500 growers and produces the most organic wine in Italy. Few wineries of this scale work so closely with their members to ensure impeccable growing practices, in turn ensuring the utmost quality makes its way into the bottle. Built on a philosophy of ‘micro-viticulture’, this community allows Colomba Bianca to craft finely tuned wines that illustrate the nuance of Sicily’s landscape and indigenous varieties — like the historic Perricone, a once obscure grape that’s making a modern resurgence thanks to innovators like Colomba Bianca.

1 1 - 6 HIGHLIGHTS Colomba Bianca Resilience Perricone 2020

Marco de Bartoli Catarratto Lucido 2019

Legendary winemaker Marco de Bartoli is considered by many to be the saviour of Marsala — both the region and the famed wine that takes its name. Once vilified for his traditional techniques by larger producers — who were adulterating their wines — Marco nevertheless inspired a new generation of winemakers with his uncompromising approach to expressive Sicilian wine.
Marco has since passed, and his children now run the estate, crafting much of their range — including the Lucido, a sub-category of the indigenous Catarratto that produces higher-quality wine — in Marsala’s ancient Samperi, where arid, rugged terrain produces serious wines that ride at the vanguard of Sicily’s exciting wine resurgence.

2 2 - 6 HIGHLIGHTS Marco de Bartoli Catarratto Lucido 2019

Donnafugata Sherazade Nero d'Avola 2019

Donnafugata is a mirror of Sicily itself — a warm, colourful world where unparalleled craftsmanship meets unbridled passion. Founded by fourth-generation winemaker Giacomo Rallo and his wife Gabriella and helmed today by their children José and Antonio, Donnafugata leads the charge towards a progressive Sicily, championing the island’s diverse terroir and the captivating wines that stem from it.
That Donnafugata is inspired by art and beauty is evident in everything from the name (a reference to the Sicilian novel The Leopard) to the bespoke labels to the wines themselves — stylish, distinguished, and sustainably made with fruit from footholds across the breadth of Sicily, from the slopes of Mt. Etna to the hills of Marsala.

3 3 - 6 HIGHLIGHTS Donnafugata Sherazade Nero d'Avola

Planeta Cerasuolo di Vittoria D.O.C.G 2019

No producer has contributed more to the modernisation and improved quality of Sicily’s viticulture than Alessio Planeta. Building on the success of his uncle Diego — a kinglike figure in Sicilian wine who proved that ‘premium’ could indeed be achieved on the island, shattering its association with bulk wine — Alessio has further explored the diversity of Sicily, both in terms of sub-regions and indigenous varieties.
Planeta now cultivates estates in five areas of the island, and few Sicilian (and indeed, Italian) wineries are held in higher esteem than their Vittoria property, famous for producing Sicily’s only DOCG wine (the country’s highest quality designation): the Nero d’Avola-Frappato blend Cerasuolo di Vittoria.

4 4 - 6 HIGHLIGHTS Planeta Cerasuolo di Vittoria D.O.C.G 2019

Pianogrillo Grillo 2020

High on a hill in the Iblei Mountains, the marriage of modernity and tradition that characterises present-day Sicily roars to life at Pianogrillo. Nestled in Ragusa in southeastern Sicily, the stately Pianogrillo Manor overlooks fields peppered with cypresses and 800-year-old olive groves, amidst which horses graze freely alongside rare Sicilian black swine, an endangered species bred and protected on Pianogrillo’s land.
This respect for nature suffuses day-to-day life at Pianogrillo, where organic farming leaves its mark on six hectares of Frappato, Nero d’Avola, Grecanico, and Grillo. After it’s harvested, the fruit heads to the winery, where innovative production techniques give rise to prized wines that reflect the warmth, character, and purity Sicily is known for.

5 5 - 6 HIGHLIGHTS Pianogrillo Grillo 2020

Pietradolce Etna Rosso 2019

The largest active volcano in Europe, Mt Etna dominates Sicily’s landscape and has a profound impact on the island whenever it erupts. Its slopes morph with every new magma flow, making it the youngest terroir in the world — a fascinating juxtaposition with the vines that have stood on these perilous slopes for centuries.
Locally known to produce Sicily’s best wines, these vineyards have only just begun to garner global acclaim in the past 30 years, as more Sicilian vintners share their bottles with the world. Pietradolce in particular has been a staple on Etna’s fabled northern slopes since 2005, practising organic winemaking that’s rapidly established them as one of the region’s foremost producers.

6 6 - 6 HIGHLIGHTS Pietradolce Etna Rosso 2019
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The Sicilian Escape


Dive into one of the world’s most exciting wine regions, heading deep into the famed diversity of Sicilian terroir — from the volcanic slopes of Mt Etna to the rugged splendour of Marsala to the golden sands of Trapani.

The Sicilian Escape will whisk you away to a wine lover’s paradise, introducing you to serious, sought-after benchmarks from the island’s viticultural pioneers.

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Hi, I'm James - a winemaker and this journey's curator
Hi, I'm James - a winemaker and this journey's curator

“Warmth can be found in every corner of Sicily, from the people to the lifestyle to the cuisine — and particularly in the wines. It’s so exciting to see such a juxtaposition between tradition and innovation in the Sicilian wine industry, and the quality and diversity of the island’s wines reflects this."

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