Australia The Journey


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Australia The Journey

  • 6 bottles
  • 6 bottles
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Raise a glass and celebrate Australia’s small producers and regional pioneers.

From the awe-inspiring and varied landscapes to the backgrounds and passions of our people, Australia’s diversity is one of our greatest strengths. And we’re here to help you celebrate it.

Curated by Fink's Wine Director Amanda Yallop — the woman responsible for some of Australia's greatest restaurant wine lists, including Quay and Bennelong — this Journey is a love letter to Australia and the talented artisans who make our wine landscape so wondrous and rich. Just like the wine lists Amanda curates, this Journey highlights carefully considered, quality wines that speak to vibrant senses of time and place.

Located across Australia’s six top wine-producing states, the independent, sustainable producers featured in this special collaboration Journey illustrate and unite our country’s captivating, colourful diversity and are perfect for enjoying with friends and family over holiday celebrations and throughout summer.



  • Curated by Fink’s Wine Director Amanda Yallop, this is your opportunity to explore Australian wine through the eyes of one of the country’s most respected wine personalities.
  • Just like the wine lists Amanda curates for Fink’s portfolio, this Journey emphasises quality wines that speak to vibrant senses of time and place.
  • Crafted by small, sustainable producers across Australia’s six most important wine-producing states and territories, these wines are ideal for sharing with loved ones over the summer season.



  • Six inspiring and diverse Australian wines — four white and two red — curated by one of Australia’s most talented wine personalities, delivered in a custom gift box experience.
  • A unique opportunity to explore a colourful, tasteful selection of wine varieties and styles whilst discovering and supporting small makers from across Australia.
  • Eminently drinkable, perfect-for-summer wines that come from esteemed independent producers and offer an insight into what one of Australia’s top wine talents is intrigued by at the moment.

Let’s meet the passionate producers and their exceptional wines. Here’s where we’re headed:


Bloodwood Chardonnay 2018

Orange’s wine origins might lie in the 19th century, but the region’s spirit is decidedly modern. Perched more than 800 metres above sea level in New South Wales, Orange and its diverse terroir find their true roots in the 1980s, when a handful of viticultural pioneers established the vineyards that now produce world-class cool-climate expressions of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz, and Cabernet Sauvignon.
Chief amongst these pioneers are Stephen and Rhonda Doyle, who planted their Bloodwood vineyard nearly 40 years ago in 1983. Bloodwood’s is a philosophy of wine as art — as an experience vital to the enjoyment of life. And art their small-batch, sustainable wines truly are, exemplified here by this exquisite 2018 Chardonnay.

1 1 - 6 HIGHLIGHTS Bloodwood Chardonnay 2018

Nick O’Leary Riesling 2021

By the time Nick O’Leary was 28, he’d been working in wine for over a decade, dipping his toe into everything from retail to viticulture. But it was his titular venture in the rolling hills of the Canberra District that shot him to the top of the world’s wine radar, with his Riesling and Shiraz stunning critics and sweeping awards across Australia.
The first maker to win NSW Wine of the Year two years running, Nick is widely regarded as one of the most electric winemakers in the game. His five-star James Halliday winery rating merely cements his sterling reputation for crafting wines of pristine balance and impressive approachability.

2 2 - 6 HIGHLIGHTS Nick O’Leary Riesling 2021

Place of Changing Winds Syrah 2019

In the sleepy Victorian town of Bullengarook, Place of Changing Winds has been quietly breaking ground since 2012. Named for the English translation of Warekilla — the site’s original Wurunjeri name — this is the passion project of Rob Walters, who searched ceaselessly for five years for the perfect land on which to install his revolutionary vineyards.
Planted in soil packed with 400-million-year-old gravel and to densities ranging from 12,000 to 33,000 vines per hectare (Australia’s average is 1,500 to 3,000), Rob’s yield-reducing vineyards produce masterpieces that form the cornerstone of the philosophy at Place of Changing Winds: to build a self-contained, organic environment that nurtures terroir-driven wines of the highest calibre.

3 3 - 6 HIGHLIGHTS Place of Changing Winds Syrah 2019

Holm Oak Arneis 2020

The 70-kilometre Tamar River wends its placid way through the dewy hills and vivid green stretches of its namesake Tamar Valley, giving brilliant life to the likes of Holm Oak, the Tasmanian winery run by husband-and-wife Tim and Bec Duffy and overseen by the snuffling attentions of Pinot the (not-so-teacup) pig.
Snug amidst the region’s temperate sea breezes and wind-sheltering slopes, Holm Oak first set down vines in 1983, making it one of Tasmania’s older vineyards. Today, Tim, Bec, and Pinot cultivate the likes of Cabernet Sauvignon and Tasmania’s only Arneis, practicing a sustainable synthesis of organics and modern chemistry to highlight what the region does best: cool-climate wines with outstanding natural brightness.

4 4 - 6 HIGHLIGHTS Holm Oak Arneis 2020

Turon Pinot Noir 2020

As advocates for cool-climate winemaking go, you’d be hard-pressed to find one more passionate than Turon White. After graduating with a degree in oenology from Adelaide University, the young vintner headed overseas to work in two cool-climate meccas — the USA’s Oregon and Hungary’s Eger — before returning home and putting down roots right where he started.
Today he runs Turon Wines with his wife Alex, crafting Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Syrah that illustrate the unparalleled elegance of the wines that arise from the bucolic beauty of Adelaide Hills. A masterwork in minimal-intervention, sustainable winemaking, Turon Wines holds to a simple philosophy: to showcase the most exceptional expressions of the region’s world-class terroir with every vintage.

5 5 - 6 HIGHLIGHTS Turon Pinot Noir 2019

tripe.Iscariot ‘Wilyabrup’ Chenin Blanc 2020

Fearless winemaking with zero care for convention: that’s what you get at tripe.Iscariot, the fiercely rebellious venture borne from the mind of iconoclast Remi Guise. The nature of Remi’s wines is evident in the name; inspired by Biblical black sheep Judas Iscariot and the ‘challenging’ nature of tripe as a food, it’s meant to convey the winemaker’s enthusiasm for unusual alternatives to industry-standard homogeneity.
And unusual tripe.Iscariot’s concoctions certainly are. These wines are an exercise in the visceral — intensely inventive expressions of Remi’s ‘berry to stalk’ style, which uses every part of the plant in the winemaking process and brilliantly illustrates the prowess of Australia’s Margaret River as a result.

6 6 - 6 HIGHLIGHTS tripe.Iscariot ‘Wilyabrup’ Chenin Blanc 2020
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Australia The Journey


Uncover Australia’s hidden gems. These are small producers worth knowing and supporting.

Champion craft producers and regional pioneers as you Journey across our great country.

Explore Australia’s signature styles through the unique lenses of some of our most talented winemakers.

  • Discover hidden-gem producers across Australia.
  • Support sustainable small local winemakers.
  • All wines are perfect for summer enjoyment.
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An expertly curated wine adventure-in-a-box. Complete with six wines, maker and destination notes (in the form of post cards), with knowledge tapped straight from the locals — that helps you explore and discover the world’s most exciting and renowned wine regions. You'll be drinking like a local in no time.

Amanda Yallop Hi, I'm Amanda Yallop - Wine Director at Fink Group
Hi, I'm Amanda Yallop - Wine Director at Fink Group

These are wines by small producers that I enjoy drinking. I'm always looking for intrigue, texture, and freshness in my glass. A sip of wine can be incidental or spellbinding; let's lean towards the latter."

I love supporting producers that practice minimal intervention in the vineyard and the winery. These six producers nurture the land, improving the soil health above and below ground."

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