Rhine River White Wine Cruise


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Rhine River White Wine Cruise

  • 6 bottles
  • 6 bottles
  • $229 (RRP $246)

Discover the aromatic magic of the Rhine.

Coast up the storied bends of the mighty Rhine — the river that wends its way through the wine heartland of Germany across the border to Alsace.

Uncover the enchanting beauty and rich history of this Old World wine region, famous for its globally acclaimed aromatics such as Riesling and Pinot Gris.

Beginning in the Mosel and ending in France’s iconic Alsace, this Journey will sail you down the twists and turns of the vital Rhine, docking at some of the world’s northernmost vineyards and exploring the valley’s historic jewels.



  • The Rhine Valley — and its lifeblood the Rhine River — is world-famous for its spicy, intensely fruity, highly aromatic white varieties. It’s practically synonymous with Riesling.
  • The Rhine’s northern latitude and cool climate make it perfectly suited for growing white grapes.
  • Thanks to ancient history marked by the Romans, the Rhine River’s banks are peppered with stunning castles and crumbling fortifications.



  • A curated selection of six wines, expertly curated by a winemaker with hands-on experience in the region. Premium whites (such as Riesling and Pinot Gris) that will transport you to the heart of one of the world’s oldest and most iconic wine regions.
  • An exploration of what makes the Rhine unique and magical, featuring regional icons, organic pioneers, and wineries dating back to the Renaissance.
  • Full immersion in and discovery of the flavours that make the Rhine River region world famous.

Rhine River Cruise wine-tinerary

From the birthplace of Riesling to the home of white aromatics: here’s where you’re going on your Rhine River cruise.


Markus Molitor Haus Klosterberg Trocken 2019

At just 20 years of age, Markus Molitor took over the winery that’s been in his family for eight generations, purchasing vineyards bit by bit and building an empire of sorts that established Molitor as one of the most important producers in Germany’s most famous wine region: the Mosel. This fresh, fruity Riesling — which, like all other Molitor wines, fermented amidst the cool dim of a three-storey vaulted cellar hewn from slate — hails from the estate vineyard, which is home to vines more than a century old.


1 1 - 6 HIGHLIGHTS Markus Molitor Haus Klosterberg Trocken 2019

Prinz Riesling Trocken 2020

After Prinz burst onto the scene in 1991, mastermind Fred Prinz established himself as one of Germany’s leading ‘garagiste’ winemakers, quite literally making wine out of his garage before expanding across three vineyards. Today, Prinz is an award-winning estate laid out under the pristine blue sky of Hallgarten, crafting organic and biodynamic wine from fruit grown in some of the Rheingau’s coldest climes. Our stop at this Prinz Riesling reflects a different side of the typically full, generous Rhine: one that’s lean, intensely bright, and seriously elegant. Oh, and trocken? It’s German for ‘dry’.

2 2 - 6 HIGHLIGHTS Prinz Riesling Trocken 2019

Juwel Riesling 2020

The vanguard of a new generation of German winemaking. Not even 30 years of age, Juwel proprietor Juliane Eller has staked her claim as a rising star of the region, initially rejecting a path into the family’s wine business for a career in sports. She changed her tune after an internship with the legendary Keller and has spent the few years since revitalising her family’s estate with hand-harvesting and organic viticulture. True to their name, the wines are rare jewels — as self-assured and impressive as the woman who makes them. Easily one of the most exciting producers working in Germany at the moment, and one to keep a close eye on.

3 3 - 6 HIGHLIGHTS Juwel Riesling 2020

Cave de Ribeauvillé Organic Pinot Blanc 2019

Organic winemaking shines in this Pinot Blanc from Alsatian cooperative Cave de Ribeauvillé. Run by passionate growers for over a century, this winemaker community crafts its masterpieces on a 265-hectare vineyard draped across the slopes of the Vosges, where the interplay of peak and valley produces ideal conditions for fresh, modern interpretations of classic Alsatian grapes. Governed by quality, the co-op keeps to a chart that ensures sustainable vineyard cultivation and determines the perfect time for hand-harvesting. Small wagons transport the fruit to the press — where, in a method unique across Alsace, the juice flows downward into vats with no additional intervention, distilling richness and purity of terroir into every bottle.

4 4 - 6 HIGHLIGHTS Cave de Ribeauvillé Organic Pinot Blanc 2019

Paul Kubler Pinot Gris 2017

Descending from the slopes of the Vosges to their shadowy foothills, we arrive in the peaceful village of Soultzmatt. Here we find Paul Kubler, a 400-year-old estate named for the father of current winemaker Philippe. Celebrated by experts across the globe, Philippe melds his family’s viticultural traditions with a holistic philosophy he calls ‘un jardin des vignes’ (or ‘garden of vines’), which sees organic techniques and hand-picked grapes transform into accolade-laden masterpieces. This particular Pinot Gris, redolent with layers of spice and lychee, offers a world-class look at a trademark Alsatian varietal — crafted from 35-year-old vines on land that also houses a charming guest cottage, available for rent to winery guests.

5 5 - 6 HIGHLIGHTS Paul Kubler Pinot Gris 2017

Cattin Crémant d'Alsace Brut NV

Descending into the green-gold foothills of the Vosges, we arrive in the Alsatian village of Vœgtlinshoffen, where Domaine Joseph Cattin has been crafting benchmark sparkling wine and traditional Alsatian varietals since 1720 and across 12 generations of family winemakers. Here in AOC Crémant d'Alsace, Jacques and Jacques Jr. — the grandson and great-grandson of Cattin namesake Joseph — meld modern sensibilities and traditional methods with ancient viticultural knowledge, cultivating the likes of Sparkling wines, Riesling, Muscat, and Pinot Gris in their 65 hectares of dry-farmed, organic vineyards. Under the warm glow of the Alsatian sun, these vineyards give rise to exquisite fruit that les deux Jacques meticulously fashion into seductive beacons of sophistication and elegance.

6 6 - 6 HIGHLIGHTS Cattin Crémant d'Alsace Brut NV
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Rhine River White Wine Cruise


You’ll receive six incredible bottles of white Rhine Valley aromatics in our custom adventure-in-a-box. This case showcases different regional facets through the lens of well-known icons, the wine road less travelled, and the occasional delightful detour to help you expand your wine horizons.

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An expertly curated wine adventure-in-a-box. Complete with six wines, maker and destination notes (in the form of post cards), with knowledge tapped straight from the locals — that helps you explore and discover the world’s most exciting and renowned wine regions. You'll be drinking like a local in no time.

Hi, I'm James, winemaker and Journey Curator
Hi, I'm James, winemaker and Journey Curator

“The Rhine River is one of the most breathtaking in terms of natural beauty, and the white wines produced along its banks are some of the best in the world.”


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