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So, who are we?

We’re where wine meets wanderlust — the intersection of wine and travel, brought to life via thoughtfully curated Wine Journeys that transport the likes of Tuscany, Bordeaux, the Rhine River, and Barossa into your home and onto your taste buds.

Travel and wine are two of life’s great joys (trust us, we’ve worked in both!). They expand our horizons and open our hearts and minds to new experiences — and most importantly, they connect us to ourselves, one another, and the world.

Wine Journey is a way for us to foster those connections, sharing our knowledge and passion with you and helping you experience the wide and wonderful world from the comfort of your home.

Our mission is to transport your taste buds to the world’s great wine regions and to share the passion and stories of the people who call them home.

Our goal is to help you discover places and producers that will enrich your wine experience and positively contribute to your personal wine journey.

What we strive for

With each of our offerings — whether it’s our Signature Wine Journeys, a Highlights Pack, or shopping à la carte — our goal is to guide your wine experience so that it enriches both your understanding of story and place and your enjoyment of the limitless possibilities of wine.

We’re committed to showcasing what makes the world’s great wine regions wonderful and unique . Iconic names backed by centuries of history and prestige, up-and-comers producing exciting new-wave wines, cult producers crafting hard-to-find gems, family-owned wineries practicing sustainable cultivation: you’ll find them all here at Wine Journey.

What you won’t find, though, is tourist traps - mass production, commercial giants, or wines without a compelling story or a strong connection to place.


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The original
Wine Journey

Our founder, Amanda Beck, began her journey in wine and pivoted into travel, where she experienced — and guided the experience of — the customer journey. She became enamoured with transforming that experience into something extraordinary.

Wine Journey was born from a desire to transport people to destinations steeped in culture and wine from the comfort of their own homes, ultimately fostering an appreciation of the unique profiles of the regions and the compelling stories of the makers.

“We aim to transport you to wine-centric destinations, allowing you to uncover the unique profiles of the regions and the makers."

Amanda Beck

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So, where to next?

The world of wine — and the world itself — is too vast to go everywhere and try everything. So it’s no wonder that we tend to stick with the devil we know, but sometimes you need to escape your comfort zone and try something new — and that’s where we come in.

We live and breathe wine and travel, and we’ve tried the good stuff and the bad.

We cut out the legwork and bring the destination wine experience straight to you. It’s travel made easy. No annual leave, no visas, no waiting for the ‘right’ season — just thoughtfully curated, delicious Wine Journeys, delivered straight to your door.


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