The adventure begins

Why journey with Wine Journey?

Adventure and discovery keep us young. There’s an indefinable magic to travel and to new experiences — a charm and an air that preserve our imaginations and ensure our minds stay open and our hearts stay full.

We believe wine is amongst those magical experiences. Wherever you go when you daydream — whether it’s the cool stone cellars and golden fields of Tuscany, the lavender-scented glory of Provence, the heat-baked valleys of the mighty Barossa, or another of the world’s great wine regions — we want to take you there, all from the comfort of your own home.

See, that’s the thing about travel: it’s not always accessible. Be it timing, annual leave, finances, visa issues, or the unpredictability of a global pandemic, sometimes the luxury of travel becomes a luxury that’s just out of reach.

But with Wine Journey, you can transport your mind and your taste buds wherever you want, whenever you want, without ever having to leave your living room. A fusion of two of life’s greatest joys, we’re a fresh take on wine, which too often is relegated to the realm of commodity and transaction rather than celebrated for its ability to connect and inspire.

It’s this connection and inspiration we aim to encourage above all else. By telling the stories of the winemakers and artisans who pour their hearts and souls into the creations we’re privileged to deliver to your door, we hope to bring some of that indefinable magic back to the remarkable experience of wine — and to help you make some stories and memories of your very own.